The incident may have happened well over the stateline, but windshield damage does strike closer to home for Washington residents. Many people remember the infamous 1954 Seattle windshield pitting epidemic, while others lament the degrading condition of state roadways like I-5, where old chunks of concrete have slammed into vehicles to inflict varying degrees of damage. When your vehicle’s windshield has been struck by a solid object, pull over for help at a Seattle auto glass repair company such as Bullseye Auto Glass.

A full analysis of the damage is needed to aid the glass repair crews on what option to pursue. According to the report, the impact point on Becker’s Toyota Camry sedan was close to the passenger side, a few inches below the roof, with an area of windshield sustaining moderate damage. Glass shards were found on the dashboard; Becker’s wife Tiffany, who rode shotgun, was later treated for minor injuries from flying glass.