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In car accidents, some of the first casualties are your windshield and windows. As non-metal parts of your automobile, they are the most vulnerable to impact and force. Thankfully, well-made car glass is actually two layers of glass connected by a layer of resin. This ensures that when they do break they won’t shatter like normal glass, and instead, will tend to stick to each other. However, the damage is still there and this means they need to be replaced. Professional Redmond auto glass services like Bullseye Auto Glass can ensure your windshield and windows are properly replaced.

What Auto Glass Does For You

Your windows and windshields have the main purpose of protecting you from the elements. It would be dangerous to drive at high speeds blinded by the air as it whips past your face. Furthermore, windows and windshields protect you from the dirt and debris on the road, as well as bugs that could fly smack onto you as you zoom by.